The Career Playbook - Accelerating your Job Search

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A 2-hour video course on resume writing, networking, personal branding, and application strategies for a successful job search.

What Will You Learn?

  • Strategically (and not blindly) applying to roles.
  • Resume strategies backed by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Personalized outreach and communication.
  • Networking and building valuable relationships.
  • Action items to make your LinkedIn profile more visible.
  • Tips and templates to help nail your interviews.
  • Negotiation strategies to increase salary and compensation.


Trying to decide if The Career Playbook for you?

Whether you are currently employed or actively searching for a new job, the course will provide insights to elevate your career and open up new doors.

You will learn practical strategies that you can implement right away. Just like anything else, you will need to put in the work! If you are aggressively targeting your next job, and see the value in investing in yourself, then this course is for you!

What makes this course unique?

In 2013, I became obsessive over mastering the art of job searching. Since then, I’ve kept a pulse on the job market and have consistently equipped my clients with the best practices and tools that enable them to win. In the course, I share high level insights, strategies, and action plans for a successful job search. If you put in the work, I am confident you will land your next role within 60 – 90 days after completing the course.

What problems will The Career Playbook help me overcome?

Far too often, we feel stuck because we don’t know where to begin. Or, we simply don’t have the right systems in place to achieve our goals. In this course, I layout the foundational pieces to approach the job search, networking, and personal branding with ease and clarity.

Can I buy the course as a gift for someone else?

You can. On the checkout page, enter the email address of the intended recipient. After purchasing, you will be prompted to enter their name and create a password. Simply share it with them, and they can login to access the course. That’s it!

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Learn how to land your next job through an efficient application strategy, building the perfect resume, networking, and crushing your interviews.

Free Resume Template (Word Doc)
Thank-you Notes & Networking Samples
Scripts to Prepare for Interviews
30+ Video Modules
Job Tracker Spreadsheet
Featured segments with LinkedIn Influencers


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The Career Playbook - Accelerating your Job Search

4 ratings
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